New Generation COG


Bishop Dr. Paul Kammer;

I would like to take this time to introduce myself; My wife and I are in long standing with the COG. Pastor over 18 years in the East coast of Florida around the Daytona beach area. Where I pioneer my first church called Light of Calvary. After 18 years God had me step down and my Father in law took over. After a few months of rest COG, FL. Ask me to take a small church in Umatilla, Fl. to see if I could help restore it. After two years I am happy to report that the Spirit of God is back in charge and the people are loving Him. I was privileged to meet Bishop Daniel Hampton, and after talking with him, we knew God was doing something. Then after much prayer and a trip to WV I knew God was calling me to WV and not just WV, but to pioneer a new church in the Charleston area. Under the mission church plant of COG we are launching New Generation COG  2019