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New Generation Church is a new contemporary style church that is reaching the next generation of people for Christ Jesus 

We are reaching to the old and into the new being it together to reach the next generation.

We have so many ministry interests such as , drugs , its not just the ones hooked the but also there family as well. plus our Veterans. Are you anointed looking for a place to serve ? Take the next step hit the action button 

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As a leader together we will take God`s vision with His help and make it a reality. As a leader you must be saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, you need to attend services regularly, as well as pay your tithes .  

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There is two things I look for in putting together a leadership team. One is the anointing of God on your ministry. If I can surround myself with these kind of people it only helps me achieve God`s plan and purpose. After 20 plus years of ministry I realize that people begat people according to their lifestyles and their ages. For instance teenagers can reach teenagers and young adults can reach young adults. That`s why I believe God said New Generation. I see the church as a whole that they have moved from post church , which means leaving church to pre church which means looking at church or coming back. 


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